We’ve Launched an Interactive Hotel Review Map!


OLSET is all about utilizing big data for the betterment of the travel industry. In the past 3 years we have built the world’s largest database of categorized traveler review sentiments to help with this mission. What that means is we own the world’s largest databank of positive and negative things that real travelers have mentioned about hotels ( * not the actual reviews themselves). Why is this powerful? Well for starters, we can use these huge datasets to better serve more accurate, personalized hotel results to billions of travel searchers world wide! Better customization of the results means more conversions, more conversions means more happy businesses and happy travelers!

To help people visualize our data, we created this really cool interactive map.
This interactive map showcases the in-depth data we have generated from analyzing more than 50 million real traveler reviews and extracting sentiments about more than 40 features across every hotel from them.

The map provides great insights into the positive and negative things mentioned in hotel reviews across the country from an aggregate state level all the way to a very granular single property. The data presented here is a subset of the global set of data we actually have and our customers in the travel industry use.

Check it out: https://olset.com/sentiment-map

And for me (Andrew, Marketing Director) personally the most interesting use of the map is to see what people mention at a property level…For instance, for me I really want a hotel that gets good reviews about Staff, The Bar and The Views on the property…so I want to find hotels with those things being the most positively mentioned. Cool huh? Let us know what you think about the map in the comments below!


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