Amadeus Demos OLSET Partnership!


In case you didn’t know, Amadeus IT Group is one of the largest names in travel today. The multi-billion dollar company provides IT Solutions, and Global Distribution Services to the travel industry throughout the world. OLSET has a long-standing partnership with Amadeus to create new and innovative solutions in the travel industry. We’re excited to share a demo of something that could be coming your way very soon!

Amadeus recently released a demo app showing futuristic capabilities in hotel bookings. One of the key features in this app showcases the partnership with us and how OLSET‘s data and recommendation system can be used to empower travel providers with more in depth insights into their travel destinations, hotels and more and help travel providers improve conversions and drive revenue.  As with all of our partners, OLSET powers personalization through our database of hundreds of millions of categorized review sentiments from real travelers (the world’s largest). What this means is that we’ve compiled and categorized every single time a traveler mentioned something in an online review that was either positive or negative about a long list of features for every hotel. For instance, if there was review for a hotel in Rome, that mentioned glaringly positive things about the staff, the location and the pool we automatically categorize those as positive sentiments for that hotel.

Check out the video below to see exactly how Amadeus is using our technology and if you’re interested in learning about how OLSET’s APIs could power personalization for your company please email us at We’d be happy to chat.  



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