Free White Paper Download: The State of Personalization in Travel.

 Below is an excerpt of my 10 page White Paper: “The State of Personalization in the Travel Industry”. To read the entire paper, download it for free at:



There is no doubt that personalization is a hot topic in the digital world as a whole. Having said that, nowhere is it being thrown around more than in the travel industry. We’ve seen a dearth of innovation focused on improving conversions in travel for nearly two decades. Whether it’s in a quarterly report from a big OTA, a report from a major GDS or a startup boasting a game-changing new application, we constantly hear about the future of what true personalization can do to improve the experience for millions of travelers around the world. In this white paper we will discuss the past and present forms of personalization to help paint a picture of the future of personalization in our industry.

What is personalization?
Besides being a tech buzzword in the 21st century, personalization is pretty self-explanatory, right? For products and services, it means the art of catering and curating according to an individual consumer’s preferences. The concept of personalized service itself is anything but new. In the “good old days” whenever someone wanted to travel, all they needed to do was pay a visit to their local travel agent who already knew their preferences and handled all their bookings for them. All customers needed to do was provide the dates and sometimes a destination and let the agent work their wizardry. Fast-forward to today, and many industries offer similar feelings of personalization online, yet we have not been able to offer such services in travel. Before we expand on that, here are a few examples of terms synonymous with… To download and read the entire 10 page White Paper click here.


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