We’ve signed Adelman Travel as a customer!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently signed Adelman Travel as a customer for our API services, and also partnered with Amadeus to increase their levels of personalization!

Adelman is now using OLSET‘s sentiment data during the post-booking process to give travelers an idea of what they can expect when they arrive at a new hotel.

Our CEO Gadi Bashvitz said “Instead of just getting a random list of hotels, which is what happens now, you get a very personalized list of results. We give the tools to the traveler to help them understand exactly why these hotels are recommended to them,”.

“If Netflix can be so smart and Amazon can be so smart, why can’t travel?” Bashvitz said. “That’s where we want to go.”

Amadeus will also use the OLSET sentiment API as part of its hotel web services, which offers information and booking capabilities on more than 300,000 properties. Amadeus will be the first ever GDS to offer these levels of personalization. Amadeus Group Director of Hotel Distribution, Peter Waters, said he expects the new feature to improve customer satisfaction and hotel conversions. Amadeus will make the OLSET partnership’s technology available later this year.

We’re so excited to take this massive step towards travel personalization for the masses, with two of the largest travel companies in the industry.

To read the entire article on The Beat click here. Note: You will need to subscribe to The Beat if you haven’t done so already! We recommend you do! As always, if you’re interested in speaking directly with us, please email info@olset.com


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