OLSET Developing New Business Travel Booking App For Frequent Travelers: www.CinchTravel.com


OLSET, the leading provider of personalized travel bookings solutions for over 3 years is announcing the development of Cinch, a business travel booking app for unmanaged business travelers (anyone who travels frequently and does not have a travel management company book their trips for them). Cinch will utilize all the capabilities that OLSET has been building for large travel providers, in a brand new way, by putting the technology in the hands of the business travelers. Long before OLSET was founded, our team-members were traveling a lot for our own work. Our CEO, Gadi, noticed that every time he planned or booked a business trip (which was a lot, he traveled 2.1 million miles in <10 years), it took him hours. Finding the perfect flight and hotel at a budget that appeased the boss, was always a time-consuming and frustrating process. Well, he got pretty upset at this waste of time and set out to transform the way people book travel. We started off by providing solutions for large travel organization and now we are expanding our focus to create a solution for small businesses (like ours) that don’t have a managed travel solution.

We conducted extensive research and started chipping away at the problem, building the perfect solution for frequent small business travelers. We are now excited to announce that we are building  Cinch – The world’s first travel booking app focused specifically on small business travelers! Cinch uses machine learning technology to understand travelers’ preferences and give them personalized booking recommendations. This saves the traveler a significant amount of time and hassle, time which can then be used to focus on their business. Travelers are already used to predictive technologies significantly simplifying aspects of their lives – from tailored content on news sites, to movies on Netflix, to product recommendations on Amazon. We are bringing this same level of personalization to travel booking.  Cinch is built with the sole aim of helping small business travelers book the right hotels and flights in seconds. Once it is released, we’d love for you to try it out before anyone else, and you can by signing up for early access here.

We’re developing Cinch to stop you from needing 10+ websites to book your business trips. Everything in one place, done right, in seconds. http://www.cinchtravel.com

We’re developing Cinch to stop you from needing 10+ websites to book your business trips. Everything in one place, done right, in seconds. http://www.cinchtravel.com
As we make progress we will be releasing more information on what we are building. In addition we will be posting tons of useful tips and tricks for business travelers on this blog, AND  we will be giving away prizes to our early users! Follow us via this blog, on twitter or like us on facebook to get notified of our upcoming launch and contests. If you have  any questions, please feel free to email us at info@cinchtravel.com. We’d love to hear from you.


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