OLSET Attends Amadeus Berlin Online Forum

Last week our CEO and Co-Founder, Gadi attended and was a presenter at the Amadeus Online Forum in Berlin to discuss our Big Data travel recommendation solutions in front of an international panel of Travel Industry experts. Amadeus, in case you didn’t already know, is one of the world’s largest transaction processors for the global Travel and Tourism Industry. You can watch Gadi’s speech to the panel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbh8MdLbUoU

Gadi, now famously, tells of how prior to founding OLSET, he had 100+ bookings on Expedia and even though he had used this travel booking site so many times, every time he showed up he felt that they were surprised to see him! Expedia didn’t seem to know anything about Gadi’s travel habits because unfortunately OTA’s don’t store your behavioral data and give recommendations to you currently.  

On most of his trips he even usually booked hotels from the same hotel chain so they should probably know that he is a loyal member of a reward program and suggest those hotels first right? And why don’t they remember that 90 of those hotels were four star properties for instance? Gadi wanted to do something about this problem and make travel booking easier and more personalized to give business travelers efficient experience, so the idea of OLSET was born. In the past few years we’ve developed a host of solutions for business travelers but we’re most proud of our APIs that we license to existing TMCs and OTAs to improve their offerings to their travelers.

Gadi working his magic.
Gadi working his magic.

Besides speaking at the event, Gadi had the pleasure of speaking with dozens of OTAs and TMCs who are finally ready to begin the process of offering more personalized travel recommendations. According to our research and that of Expedia and Orbitz as well, approximately 50% of  travelers select one of the first five hotels that are suggested to them. Furthermore, almost 100% of travelers will book one of the suggested hotels on the first page only. That means that people don’t want too many choices! They want the right suggestions, right away.

The current travel booking sites don’t use past behavior, even though their costumes have a registered profile. OLSET provides you the best hotel match based on your preferences by using APIs and machine learning. Existing OTAs can immediately offer more intelligent recommendations by utilizing OLSET’s powerful personalization APIs. We want to thank Amadeus for inviting us to their amazing event, it was extremely beneficial for us and we look forward to participating in future events.
If you’re interested in learning more about what OLSET can do for your travel business, do get in touch today. info@olset.com


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