OLSET Competed in the 2015 SF THack!

This past weekend, our amazing OLSET Dev. team participated the THackSFO this past weekend at San Francisco International Airport. The THackSFO hackathon consisted of 25 different teams and almost 100 participants, with one of the teams even being high school students! Pretty diverse to say the least.

The participants could choose from four different topics: Inspiration/discovery/memories, SFO mobile concierge, Accommodation finder and route planner.

Our lovely view @SFO for 24 hours this weekend!
Our lovely view @SFO for 24 hours this weekend!

Our team decided to join the Inspiration/Discovery/Memories topic, developing an application that would be eventually named WanderLust. This application gives users simple questions such as budget, days and themes for a new adventure. Once the preferences are set for a traveler, the algorithm will offer the user’s flight and hotel suggestions for a trip that meets the selected specifications. For instance, if they only want to spend $400 and travel during a weekend to a nice beach to get a tan, it selects the best option for the user, without them having to spend hours reading reviews and searching multiple sites. WanderLust used APIs from both Amadeus and Sabre to get information about hotels and flights.

The “hack” lasted for 24 hours, and the OLSET-team built an unbelievable software product under those time constraints. In the end, we didn’t win but the winning team built a product that was very similar to Wanderlust and we were delighted to be a part of the event. For more information on the THACK see the Tnooz round up article: http://www.tnooz.com/article/airport-beacons-showcase-potential-for-open-access-to-locations/

                                                   As Bum Phillips once said:

                                     “Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half”

                                                     See you next year Tnooz THack!


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