OLSET Launches New Hotel Matching Concept !

For nearly two years, the OLSET team have been grinding away at creating tools that would forever change the way people travel. Over the years we’ve pioneered not only the idea of utilizing millions of traveler reviews to pinpoint which hotels suit each traveler best, but also a host of new ways of discovering and booking hotels more efficiently and intelligently…..through interesting partnerships with Evernote, and Any.do to name a few. Today we are very excited to announce the next step in our journey.. This is yet another step towards our goal of advancing the travel industry. We are excited to announce the launch of our very own hotel matching concept, www.hotelmatch.me!

Launching soon, HotelMatch.me is brand new website powered by OLSET’s patented technology that will literally match users to hotels based on their preferences and millions of traveler reviews. The painstaking experience of searching for hotels online and reading traveler reviews is broken, often taking several hours and spread across a myriad of sites. HotelMatch.me will be the end of this frustrating process. With HotelMatch.me you’ll only need to tell us where you’re headed, how much you want to spend and a few other details about what is most important to you when you stay at a hotel and our system will browse through hundreds of thousands of hotels and millions of reviews in seconds, so you don’t have to.

How your hotel recommendations will look on HotelMatch.me!
How your hotel recommendations will look on HotelMatch.me! Each hotel recommendation comes with a breakdown of why we matched it to you specifically!

You’ll get 3 main recommendations for each trip you want to take (see image). The recommendations include the hotel that best matches your preferences, the closest hotel to your exact destination (if you gave us an exact address we take that into account) and the most affordable hotel. Along with each recommendation is detailed “match breakdown” which will tell the user exactly why each hotel was chosen for them. OLSET will still cotinue our core business of licensing our personalization APIs to travel websites that want to offer a better experience to their users, and increase their conversion rates for searching travelers. Any interested business party should contact us at info@olset.com to learn more about OLSET’s SaaS offerings.

We’re really excited about launching HotelMatch.me and are planning to launch it to a limited number of users by mid January. If you’re interested in being one of the first people on earth to try matching hotels to their travel preferences, you can request an invite to our beta launch here: www.hotelmatch.me We’d really appreciate your feedback on HotelMatch.me when we launch it so sign up today!


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  1. Daniel says:

    Ladies who are travelling may well have to look at added concerns, such as various dress codes in particular countries.

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