Contest Winners Announced!


If you’ve booked a hotel with OLSET this fall through either or Evernote we’d like to sincerely thank you for trying out a totally new way of booking hotels….we really appreciate your patronage and your helpful feedback. In the end we had a few thousand people try out the new solutions we’ve created and got a ton of amazing feedback that we really appreciate. You can still book hotels using or Evernote as well, and you can learn more about that here.

Yesterday we randomly picked 3 individual bookings to win our great travel prizes sponsored by Bellroy, Ugobags and ZEMgear.…..


Grand Prize Winner:  Darin Portnoy, who booked a lovely hotel in September using Evernote and won himself back the entire value of his hotel booking, plus he also won two gorgeous leather wallets worth $240, a one of a kind custom OLSET suitcase worth $200 and two pairs of awesome travel shoes worth $100!

Second Prize Winner:  Kevin Davidsayer, who booked a hotel in October through!

Kevin has won: Two gorgeous leather wallets worth $240, and two pairs of awesome travel shoes worth $100!

Third Prize Winner:  Tommy Ross also booked through this month.

Tommy has won: A gorgeous leather wallet worth $120 and a pair of awesome travel shoes worth $50!

All winners have been emailed individually to accept their prizes. In the even of unclaimed prizes, OLSET will randomly pick other hotel booking entries to win.  If you have any questions or feedback please email directly.


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