Evernote Conference 2014 Wrap Up! #EC2014


This past week we had the pleasure and downright honor of being included as a finalist for Startup Of The Year at the annual Evernote Conference this year. So naturally, the entire OLSET team made the long, arduous trip to San Francisco (we’re based in SF, it’s a joke) and it was well worth the effort! Our whole goal with our recent partnership with Evernote was to expand on the company’s mission of using Artificial Intelligence to enhance and simplify users’ lives. Our solution, in case you’ve been living under a rock and/or ignoring our emails/tweets/posts, is a totally new way for Evernote users to discover and book hotels without needing to ever visit a hotel or review site….with 100% confidence that they’re getting the right hotel. You can check it out here (Note: You’ll be prompted to link your Evernote account to OLSET first.) The kicker is, if you book a hotel in the next 2 weeks you still have a big chance to win some travel prizes too. One lucky winner will even get their entire booking back free, on us.

So that’s what we did and it works pretty awesome, but don’t ask us. Try it out yourself by visiting www.olset.com/evernote.  We’ve already seen several hundred early adopters already jumping on the idea, using the service to save tons of time discovering the best hotels for their trips. At the Evernote conference we not only got a ton of incredible feedback we also met some interesting potential partners, and got to hear passionate, talented industry titans echo our vision of the future of apps like OLSET and Evernote.  One more thing, we got to meet the Mythbusters guys (see photo)!!IMG_7345

Now, the other Startups involved as finalists were exceptionally talented teams and even though we didn’t win (a valiant 3rd place finish out of roughly 30) we received a treasure trove of invaluable feedback from our industry brethren that will keep us busy for the next 3 months….oh and we won a cool $5000 (going towards Idea Paint and more screens in the office of course). Overall the event was truly inspiring, with startups coming from all over the world: Keyna, Bulgaria, Brazil, Mexico, France etc….we repped #SF as the hometown boys and had a really great time. A special thanks to the Evernote team for including us and congratulations on a seamless, perfectly executed event. See you guys next year?

Our CEO Gadi (tall guy in the back screaming), with the top 2 other Startup Teams Blogo, and Swipes, Our pitch coach Ching and Evernote CEO Phil Libin.




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