We’ve got a big competition coming!

Do you like to win awesome prizes? Do you like to travel….well you are in luck!!

OLSET is launching our first ever month-long giveaway competition next week with $5000 in prizes! We’ve partnered with some incredible travel accessory brands:  Bellroy, Ugobags, and ZEMgear to launch a giveaway for anyone who books a hotel in the month of September! The specifics will come soon but we will be giving away over 20 prizes including luggage, travel wallets, shoes, hotel rooms and more! If you want to receive the first word about the competition we suggest you follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

To read more about each company and their offerings click the images below!


Bellroy- Slim Your Wallet



UGOBAGS – Style Your Trip



ZEMgear – Engineered for WOW!




..And of course OLSET is going to be the main prize sponsor giving away hotel rooms! Make sure to sign up for OLSET so you can be ready to win next week!  Until then!


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