We’ve hit 100 million sentiments!

We value one thing above all else..well our people yes, but one thing below that, DATA! 

big-data-the-5-vs-everyone-must-know-1-638We are, after all a Big Data information company. We specialize in providing information for travel websites to provide more accurate hotel suggestions to their users using big data. Long gone are the days of anonymously searching  with no curation. If you’re using services with advancements in personalization like Netflix and so on, then you know the travel booking experience is lagging behind. We’re striving to be the world leader in such personalization of the travel industry and today marks a monumental step in that direction. As of today we’ve officially hit 100,000,000 hotel review sentiments categorized into neat little piles to help you find better, more transparent information on hotels. What are review sentiments you may ask…let’s take a step back!

When you manually read a review, you have to scan through and look for the items that are important to you. Let’s say you’ve found a hotel at a great price on a site you trust, then you mosey on over to some review sites to find out if that same hotel has been positively reviewed for the attributes you deem important to your stay, like the bed, the staff, the parking, the food etc. These are the sentiments that are relative to what is important to you. Well if you don’t find said review sentiments yourself, you’d have to start over, find a new hotel, cross-check reviews yet again and then go back and make the booking. OLSET can changed this process once and for all.

With OLSET’s technology a user only has to fill out a traveler profile, one time, which tells us what is important to them (currently up to 20 variables, everything from how important are positive reviews of the bed to the importance of the cleanliness of the bathroom) and we will instantaneously analyze millions of previous traveler sentiments to define what aspects of each hotel are up to your standards….yes, YOUR standards. Every other hotel website you’ve ever used has matched the hotel based on what that hotel says about themselves and we believe that to be incorrect! OLSET is the first company to focus on the traveler, and give you transparent, curated info on the hotels you browse. If you agree, comment here and let us know! Why not try it out for yourself: www.olset.com 

Also if you are a travel website interested in offering custom hotel recommendations to your users go ahead and shoot us an email: partners@olset.com. We’d love to chat.


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