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OLSET Inc. the world’s first personalized hotel booking technology has just partnered with Evernote to release a new way for travelers to discover the best hotels without ever having to search the web! Starting today the current 127 million Evernote users will have the opportunity to retrieve targeted hotel suggestions within the Evernote “note” experience, whenever they want. This means that anytime you want to see what hotel options there are for an upcoming trip, all you have to do is create a note and you will immediately get custom hotel suggestions to save you time and money, all inside of Evernote! Cool right? (You can also vote for OLSET as the best travel app with Evernote here )


Be sure to tag OLSET in your note, then save it  and voila! Faster than you can scream “Room Service” you’ll get a note right back from OLSET with 3 personalized hotel suggestions to choose from. Usually the suggestions consist of the closest to your preferences, the cheapest and the best location! Along with each suggestion, OLSET sends you a complete match breakdown of why each hotel was chosen for you. The keypoint to see here is that we discover hotels for you based on user reviews not on what the hotel says about itself (see another image below). So if you see a green thumbs up next to “Nice room” that means that OLSET discovered actual users saying nice things about the rooms at that exact hotel.Match

We encourage you to download Evernote and sign up to OLSET if you haven’t already. Give the thing a whirl, and share your comments with us on our Facebook page or by emailing us at support@olset.com. We’d love to hear from you, the travelers!

PLEASE VOTE FOR US: OLSET is a Top Finalist in the Evernote App Awards. Can you please vote for OLSET as the best travel app on Evernote here.


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