Hotel websites SUCK! How OLSET can help.

If you go to Google right now and type in the words “hotel booking site”’ or  “book hotels online” you will quickly  become the hottest commodity on the web. Hotel booking websites (that for obvious reasons shall remain nameless on this blog) spend more money in search marketing than arguably any other industry on the earth. In fact, a few industry leaders are known to spend over a billion dollars annually each on Google Pay Per Click ads alone! Yea, we said a Billion. So with all that cash money spent on  jostling for your booking dollars why isn’t there equal money spent on trying to treat you better? Well we don’t really know either,  but often times when we attend events people ask us why we entered the hotel booking market? The answer is simple….because it still sucks! Keep reading and we’ll tell you why, and how OLSET can fix that fact!

Now, we’re sure you’ve booked hotels online before and isn’t it just a shame that there’s no personalization offered to you, no matter how long you’ve been a loyal customer? Everyone on all major travel booking websites is treated exactly the same no matter what preferences or previous booking histories you have. OLSET co-founder  Gadi likes to gripe that he has nearly 200 bookings on Expedia yet he still get’s the same search results as a brand new account, what a joke! This experience pales heavily in comparison to the slick personalization we’ve come to expect with brands like Netflix and Amazon who can recommend awesome time saving suggestions based on what you’ve liked or disliked in the past. OLSET believes that loyal travelers deserve the same level of service and so we’ve set out make Online Travel Agencies wake up and smell the personalization coffee. With this intention we’ve created the first personalized hotel booking technology and we dutifully license this tech to Online Travel Agencies and Travel Management Companies to make them better!

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Every hotel recommendation comes with a detailed hotel match breakdown so you can see how each property stacks up to your exact preferences….in reviews, not the hotels’ words! There’s also a price comparison so you know you’re getting a good deal too!

The current average hotel booking process takes a user roughly 1 hour on traditional hotel booking websites, but if you’re like many people you spend days researching in attempt to find the best possible hotel for your budget. If you’re a frequent traveler this amounts to several hours wasted every month. OLSET’s technology can cut this horrible time wastage down to a pleasant 2 minute experience wherein users simply email a travel website (that has their preferences stored) with their travel dates and location and immediately receive customized hotel recommendations in their email. This email includes a detailed match breakdown (see image above) and price comparison for each hotel across 3 major websites. All this without ever having to even surf the web at all! Sweet right?

This major time saving ability comes from the fact that OLSET parses through over 40 million review sentiments using patented algorithms to match your OLSET Traveler Profile preferences to discover the hotels that you would like the most….as rated by other travelers…not the hotels’ opinion of themselves! So if you said in your profile that you need a hotel that has great reviews about the beds, the breakfast and the guest services…that’s saved and matched against millions of reviews to discover which hotels you would like, without you having to lift a finger!

So OLSET in summary makes Online Travel Websites smarter and help consumers get better results, faster. If you’re a travel website that wants to offer better hotel booking experiences to your users get in touch today by emailing us at or visit our partner section for more info.


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